French drains and crack repair

French drains and crack repair

Having a house that is resistant to bad weather and Quebec’s vigorous climate is a big advantage. This is why it is important to have a French drain in good condition and functional, as well as to repair the cracks present in your foundation as soon as possible.

Many people minimize the damage that could be caused in your basement due to an inadequate drainage system. High humidity and mold problems can lead to expensive interior renovations and also create health problems due to the presence of mold. This is what happens when the humidity levels in your home are too high. Poor drainage or the infiltration of moisture or water through cracks will cause long-term damage to the interior of your home.

Protect your investment by entrusting us with the installation or repair of your French drains, the waterproofing of your foundation and the repair of your cracks! 

Foundation waterproofing, camera inspection

We also offer the inspection service of your drains by camera to repair or maintain where necessary, saving you time and money! We only use the best materials and processes in the industry to ensure your peace of mind once the work is complete.

A big advantage of doing business with us? We have extensive experience in the field of earthworks/landscape, which can facilitate the completion of your work by giving the finishing of your project to the same company.

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